A Message From The President

I am excited about celebrating our sisterhood and the work of Mothers of Professional Basketball Players, Inc. (MPBP Inc.).  We are celebrating twenty-two years of creating an organization that offers mothers a resource that recognizes and respects the diversity of all cultures and ethnicities amongst our players, their families and friends.Our sisterhood represents mothers of Thirty National Basketball Association Teams, Twenty-Two D-League Teams, Eighteen Women’s National Basketball Association Teams, and approximately One Hundred players across Thirty Countries.   We are blessed to have these opportunities. We are like ALL mothers across the globe, we merely want our sons and daughters to be role models that exemplify honesty, integrity, and character.

Since the inception of MPBP, Inc., in 1996, the “Mothers” continue to work as a cohesive group to accomplish our mission. Our mission is to support the various communities where our sons and daughters live, work, and play. We continue to strive to make a difference in the lives of others through our charitable works, charitable services, and strive to give back and plant positive seeds. These seeds will grow and eliminate barriers of poverty, abuse, and individuals who are disenfranchised. We continue to grow and elect strong board members who lead our five core regions.  We will continue to enhance our membership and stay focused with the help of our sponsors, partners, and volunteers.Over the past year, we fed over 1000 individuals from the homeless community in Los Angeles, CA, during All-Star weekend.  We supported single mothers with clothing and school supplies, and we partnered with the Women of Moses Organization to bring awareness to Domestic Violence.  We are committed more than ever to serve.

We invite you to become a part of a great sisterhood, a global organization that is now building an infrastructure to thrive and flourish heading into the next century.

As your President, I am counting on you for input, guidance, patience and your personal commitment to fulfill our agenda and grow. Every mother/guardian that has a son/daughter that is a professional basketball player active or retired has the potential to be a part of this wonderful sisterhood.  We are working and unified to be the premier organization of the future.


Camillia Ratliff-Eatman