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Words of Encouragement

Greetings MPBP Mothers,

Now the that holidays are gone, and real life is back, we may be having some difficulties in dealing with the day to day pressures that we face.  But, what I always say is that "God is still on the throne" for each of us.

Nobody said that life wouldn't come with some trials and tribulation. Nobody said that the sun will shine on you all the time. Nobody said that life's challenges wouldn't put you through a test of time and you wouldn't experience hurt and pain. 

But God said, I'm the strength to the weak, the healer to the sick, the sight to the blind, the bread to the hungry and the solid rock to place your feet upon. 

God is everything to us, so just keep holding on to his unchanging hands because your change is coming. 

Keep the faith and keep believing because there is POWER in PRAYER!!! 

Stay positive, be safe, keep praying and keep smiling J. 

I'm still praying for all of us,

God Bless,

Cherry Powell, MPBP Chaplain

     “Compliments of my mentee, Teresa Bryant”






Words of Encouragement

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