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Our Philosophy

Mothers of Professional Basketball Players




A Mother’s Love


The founder and president, Charlotte Brandon of MPBP vision began in 1996 after her son Terrell Brandon was drafted into the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Because of the dynamic of the sports industry, she experienced a lack of support because NBA players are surrounded by the entities of the sport world. She saw the need for nurturing and support while he was on the road working all around the country and the world.

While on the road, Charlotte also felt our sons and daughters should be able to reach out to the mothers in the communities where they play and receive a good home cooked meal, provide support where needed and be available for any special needs or emergency our professional players may have. A mother would be there.

Additionally, rookie mothers would be given direction and mentored with nuances of the NBA League as it business to us as mothers as well our sons and daughters jobs.

Lastly, because of the uniqueness of our children’s employment, Charlotte felt there was a need to bond with mothers and be a cohesive support for one another and protect our sons and daughters. It is comforting to know other mothers are looking out for your son or daughter and letting you know you saw them, spoke to them or gave them a hug for you.

It is also rewarding to know that your can befriend, and support another mother when she needs it.

Our Philosophy

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