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Mission / Vision


The mission of this organization is to support the various communities where our sons and daughters live, work, and play; however, we strive to invest in the human soul through our charitable works and fundraising efforts.


Our vision is to build a supportive relationship with each other that will last a lifetime. We want to serve as mentors to new moms in the world of professional basketball. Through our friendships, we will be able to help our children cope with the enticements of fame and fortune. We strive to serve as positive role models for the communities in which our children live by contributing our time and by improving the lives of others through charity and scholarships.


The Mothers of Professional Basketball Players, Inc. celebrate the following values. We recognized and respect the diversity of all cultural and ethnicities among the players, their families and friends. We continue to encourage our sons and daughters to be role models to the at risk youth in our communities. We expect our sons and daughters to maintain a high level of character and conduct on and off the basketball court. We are thankful and humble for the gifts our sons and daughters have been given. Our organization offers itself as a resource to those who are in need. We provide support to the sick and shut in.  We also provide emotional support to those who are most in need. We send out the spirit of generosity.   


Our logo signifies a strong body of women who are the unifying components of this organization. It represents the connection to the world of professional basketball and the world at large. 


Mission / Vision

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