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Message from the President


 A Message From The President

We were excited about celebrating our 20th year of existence as Mothers of Professional Basketball Players, Inc., (MPBP, Inc.). From the initial organizing of MPBP in 1996, through our restructuring until now, the "Mothers" continue to stay together with a passion to become bigger and better.

Our 20th Anniversary highlighted our wonderful accomplishments and the election of new officers. Our new officers will continue to lead this organization to greater implementation of our mission statement. Your new officers are not only a strong group of mothers, but they are mothers of strength that are very committed to service.

Our mission is to support the various communities where our sons and daughters live, work, and play; however, we strive to make a difference in the lives of others through our charitable works, volunteer efforts as stated in our Articles of Incorporation.

During our meetings, gatherings and annual conferences we will continue to initiate fundraising events as we come together to fellowship and network. Strategic plans are being developed to enable us to provide charitable services.

There are thirty National Basketball Association teams, twenty-two D-League teams, eighteen Women's National Basketball Association teams, and eighty to a hundred players are from thirty countries. Geographically, we are spread far and wide. As we, the Mothers move forward with our MPBP, Inc. organization, we will have to continue developing our regions and using our newly developed recruitment process along with the activation of our new website to build and expand our organization. It is essential in being strong and viable.

We will also utilize social media resources as to communicate with our members, potential members and communities as well as "each one reach one."

Moving forward requires a "Commitment to serve." We invite you to become a part of a great group of strong women, dedicated to doing charitable events and being supportive of one another.

Each member will play a significant role in the continued development and direction of MPBP, Inc. as long as it exists.

The Board of Directors is counting on you for input, guidance, patience and understanding as we fulfill our agenda to grow. Every mother/guardian that has a son/daughter that is a professional basketball player active or retired should be on this team!

Camillia Ratliff-Eatman

President, MPBP, Inc.

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